Cat and Horse

Cat and Horse
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ring-Tailed Lemurs

Sleeping Lemurs, so cute :)
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Hi, Maya here. Today I will be doing Ring-Tailed Lemurs. Ring-Tailed Lemurs are very social animals, they spend most of their time in groups of 15-20 lemurs. They spend many hours just sitting down and soaking up the sun. Groups of lemurs are also known as  "Troops". When female lemurs and male lemurs get into arguments, the female lemurs always wins. Ring-Tailed Lemurs spend more time on the ground, rather than in trees, than any other species of lemur. Lemurs are primates and are related to monkeys and apes.  Lemurs are endangered, mainly because of habitat destruction. One of the lemur's main predators is the catlike fossa, the largest carnivore in Madagascar. Lemurs live only in the wild on the African Island of Madagascar and a few neighboring islands. Lemurs use their comblike front teeth to groom themselves and other lemurs. Ring-Tailed Lemurs' hind legs are longer than their front legs, so when they walk on all four of their legs, they're back is tilted downwards. That's all I have to say, Goodbye!

Maya the Cat,

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