Cat and Horse

Cat and Horse
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


~What a cute hedgehog~

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Hello, it's Maya. Today I will be doing hedgehogs. When hedgehogs curl up into little balls, they do it for protection. Curling up into a ball protects the parts of them that don't have prickly spines. Hedgehogs have prickly spines all over their bodies, except for on their face, bellies, and legs. Hedgehogs depend on their spines for defence, when they sleep and when they face enemies. When their predators approach, they roll up into small prickly balls. Most predators are unsuccessful at prying open the curled up balls, and just leave to look for easier prey. When hedgehogs are born, their spines are soft and short. Soon after birth their spines become thicker, harder, and longer. Hedgehogs eat insects, small mice, snails, lizards, frogs, eggs, carrion, and even snakes! Hedgehogs mainly stay on ground, but they actually can swim and climb trees quite well. When they want they get out of a tree, quickly, they just jump. Because of their prickly spines, when they land they bounce and remain unhurt. Isn't that cool? The average heartbeat for a hedgehog is 190 beats a minute, but when they are hibernating it is only 20 beats a minute! Hedgehogs are often kept as pets, they will eat any household and garden pests. The normal lifespan of a hedgehog is about 7 years. I hope you liked this!

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